High Conflict Custody Issues

High Conflict Custody Issues

High-conflict custody disputes typically involve serious mental health issues. Our team thoroughly investigates the origins of your disputes and addresses these matters directly in our case strategy. We assertively pursue solutions that protect you and your children from the damaging consequences of:

Substance abuse — If the other parent is abusing drugs or alcohol, we request that the court consider substance abuse issues in its custody decisions and order testing, assessment and treatment as a condition of the other parent’s visitation rights.

Domestic violence — We help you take the necessary steps to protect your family from domestic violence, including pursuing a restraining order against your abuser. If you have been accused of domestic violence, we will vigorously defend your rights.

Parental alienation — To repair the damage caused by parental alienation, we employ strategies to improve and repair your relationship with your child. We have substantial experience with this type of case and can effectively advocate to the court for interventions appropriate to your situation.

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